Dr. Rona Maglian (She/Her)

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Hi! I'm a mind-body therapist that's compassionate, patient, and direct. Together we'll work on feeling centered and balanced all around.

Psychologist in Orange County, CA

About My Clients

Many of my clients see me for support with managing their chronic pain or illness. Others are looking to heal from trauma, anxiety, or burnout. I’m deeply committed to working with diverse & marginalized communities. I often meet with women of color, professionals from immigrant families, and trans and gender expansive folks. I'm also passionate about helping fellow AAPI folks navigate difficult family and cultural dynamics, or challenge the inner critic & imposter syndrome at work.

My Background and Approach

If you've been feeling stuck, disconnected, or unbalanced, you might be unsure about what to do or feel worried that things might not get better. That's totally okay! We can figure it out together. As a mind-body therapist, I take a holistic and non-judgmental approach to help clients reach their goals of living a meaningful, well-balanced life. By incorporating mindfulness and yoga techniques, we can work on getting you reconnected with your mind and body, and on realigning the pieces of your life that feel out of place. If you're feeling stuck in a painful past or a worrisome future, together we will explore the here and now with self-compassion, and in turn, find practical ways for you to take steps towards creating the life you envision for yourself.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I value the importance of diversity and community. Openness and acceptance are pillars of my work. I value social justice, a growth mindset, and anything that connects the world in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ways. I consider myself an intersectional feminist and am personally passionate about social justice issues, especially those that affect AAPI folks, womxn of color, and the trans and non-binary community. My work includes a real relationship in therapy that is genuine and inclusive, so that the work can be collaborative and effective. It is my belief that every individual has the capacity for self-healing and growth. My vision is to be able to help people help themselves in restoring what they’ve lost, or in finding their way of moving in the world.

At A Glance

  • Experience: 10 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $215 - 215/session

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