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Life doesn't have to suck. You're smart enough to realize that or you wouldn't be searching for someone like me.

Licensed Professional Counselor in Savannah, GA

About My Clients

Do you lay in bed thinking about everything that's gone wrong this week... Or, let's be honest, the past decade? Perhaps you've started to notice that your crappy moods are eating away at what little happiness you have left. The constant worry and self doubt are starting to make you feel like you're about to unravel. And even worse, it's negatively impacting your self worth and relationships. You might even think to yourself, "I'm a good person. Why can't I have a good day?!" You can.

What I Specialize In

I work with folks that struggle with relationship issues, anxiety and depression. Whether you just don't feel like yourself anymore, are experiencing bummed out moods, or your relationships are a mess, I can help. That's what I specialize in. Let's create a little love and happiness in your life! You might be asking yourself, "but Emily, how in the heck am I going to do all of that?" Great question! We will retrain your brain by way of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, repattern your behaviors by way of Attachment Therapies like Emotionally Focused Therapy and sort out the rest of your relationship issues by way of Gottman Method. Oh, and we'll use a little neuroscience and neurobiology all while sharing a few chuckles along the way. Not too scary, am I right?

Why We are a Good Fit for You

I have been a therapist for over a decade and after a handful of degrees and credentials after my name. But, unlike most therapists, I just don't take myself too seriously. Life is too messy to be buttoned up. You are the expert in you. I am an expert in helping others reinvent themselves. Together, we will cuss like sailors, talk about pets (shout out if you're a cat lover), the music and movies that has influenced you, bitch about Boomers, and try to figure out why adulting is so flippin' confusing. And along the way, we will work together rewrite your story. Because, as I always say, life doesn't have to suck.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 14 years of practice
  • Rate: $125 - 175/session


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