Barbara Beck (she/hers)

Accepting Clients

I am accepting new clients. I specialize in working with women suffering narcissistic abuse from a partner, parent or co-worker.

Marriage & Family Therapist in Leawood, KS
Supervised by Monty Miller, LSCSW

About My Clients

Always second guessing your comments and over explaining is exhausting. Not knowing what to expect you walk on eggshells questioning what will happen next? Narcissistic-like behaviors include swinging from being caring and attentive to being irritated, demanding and manipulative. We continue to tell ourselves they will change, as we have invested so much time and energy into the relationship. Now, walking away does not seem like an option or maybe you are "done".

My Background and Approach

I have 22 years of experience working with personality disorders, eating disorders, addictions, family conflict, depression, and anxiety. Maybe like you, my life was in chaos living with a narcissist. I use my experience to help you explore strategies and find coping mechanisms. Often early in life we received the message: "you don't matter", "you don't fit in" or "you're not important" . These thoughts play out in our life in unsuspecting ways. My goal is to I assist you in uncovering, discovering and then discarding your current responses. I utilize EMDR therapy to remove roadblocks, treat trauma and help rewire your thinking. We all have times when we need to ask for help and you don't have to let shame or regret keep you from moving forward. It is never too late to find hope! I am extremely non-judgmental having experienced many "mistakes" in my life, that later proved to be my biggest assets. Together let's help you live your best life!!

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe everyone desires to become a more enlightened and evolved human being. As we grow, learn more about ourselves and apply this knowledge to how we interact in the world and we develop authenticity. When we live with a difficult parent, partner, boss, or co-worker we often lose ourselves, feel exhausted, and lack the ability to see our situation rationally or consider alternate options. Restructuring or beginning a new life takes courage, direction, and support. We can discard our old thinking patterns and the stories we tell ourselves, which are often negative and false. My purpose in life is to help others find hope and healing. We can uncover the intricate and sometimes frightening thought patterns, family rules and roles we play in life. Together let's take small (baby steps) to make positive changes which will have huge benefits as you reclaim your power, self-esteem, and confidence.

I offer online counseling in the following states:

At A Glance

  • Experience: 23 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $130 - 150/session


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