Gillian Gillette (she/her)

BA, MS Psychology
Accepting Clients

I help new parents with stress, postpartum depression, and worries –I can meet you where you are in your journey and you get real self-care.

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist in Alameda, CA
Supervised by Elysha Martinez LMFT93493

About My Clients

New baby causing stress in your relationships as you struggle before and after birth? Expectations and disappointments can pile onto the missed sleep and changing hormones which can be tough on you and your relationships. Processing this stuff in therapy can help with the postpartum and parenting experience. I am non-judgmental and caring as I help you find some sanity again. I want you to explore yourself and your new role as a parent and gain acceptance and empowerment.

My Background and Approach

A rough postnatal adjustment period is common but affects the individual and their relationships adversely. It might be anxiety, depression, or even PTSD from birth trauma. As a doula/ childbirth educator, & as a mother, I connect with these experiences! Therapeutic healing from birth benefits the birthing parent and their family. Recognizing the conscious or unconscious roles we take on as parents can empower us to make healthier parenting decisions and be better partners with each other. The discrepancies between what we learned and what we want to do in our own parenting can be realigned. I use a somatic and holistic approach and use Mindfulness and CBT to look at mismatched ideas and actions that might not be serving you anymore. I'm honored to be part of your process. I relate to people by listening carefully, empathically, and paying attention to details. Building trust and a sense of safety in the therapy experience is my highest priority.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe families come in all shapes and sizes. We all desire to be loved and seen. If we don’t have that as children, it can affect how we operate as adults and in our relationships. Although we can’t go back in time, becoming aware of our hurts and scars in therapy can help us heal going forward. I accept people as they are and appreciate the unique adaptions that helped them survive life’s tough situations. But I’m interested in helping you get past survival mode and to start thriving in your one precious life. I have always cared about the mother's experience. The experiences I had with my births and mothering my children were transformative, empowering, scary, wonderful, and overwhelming…as it is for every parent, I think. What made my difficult postpartum experience manageable and even memorable as a growth experience were the people that helped me, who then also inspired me to be a birth worker. I am inspired to support new parents as a therapist.

I offer online counseling in the following states:

At A Glance

  • Experience: 1 year of practice
  • Languages: Español
  • Rate: $150 - 170/session


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