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About My Clients

Are you tired of the constant struggle to appease those around you and slowly losing bits of who you are in the effort to keep your socially acceptable mask in place? Have you spent far too long trying to learn to participate in life with those around you only to feel like a failure, or that you’re missing out on key information? My background with Aspergers (ASD), ADHD, social skills, and anxiety management will help you to increase your coping skills and get more out of each day.

My Background and Approach

I believe that therapy should provide everyone with a safe, authentic, growth-minded environment. Humor, when appropriate, and warmth can go a long way towards building the necessary relationships between clients and therapists. To accomplish this, I follow humanistic approaches, such as person-centered therapy, coupled with a variety of therapeutic techniques and psychoeducation materials. I also employ out-of-the-box techniques—such as board games, video games, and other interest-based activities—to create a collaborative experience. Through these media, I work to help address the underlying needs of my clients. This combination allows me to center on listening to you and learning from you because you are the expert about yourself! I also offer secure, HIPPA compliant video therapy if that would better fit my client’s schedule.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I do more than just listen. I love helping clients begin to discover who they are and embrace their true, authentic selves. Working with neurodivergent adults has shown me that, even with differences in how we process experiences, we all come from a common ground of wanting to be ourselves. I am passionate about assisting people in discovering the most authentic versions of themselves. I’m doing so, they work toward living happier and healthier lives. My goal as your counselor is to assist in building the necessary skills to successfully work through the day-to-day interactions and issues we face. Whether it’s through “traditional” therapeutic means of introspection, mindfulness, and cognitive based tools or through utilizing skills from your favorite video or board game, I focus on tailoring each client’s experience to best give them the tools and language to enjoy their lives.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 8 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $150 - 150/session


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