Aydrelle Collins (she/her/hers)

Accepting Clients

Hello! My name is Aydrelle Collins and I am LPC who specializes in sex therapy as well as relationships

Counselor in Dallas, TX

About My Clients

My clients are smart, funny, bad asses who are struggling with sexual issues. You may be experiencing shame, guilt, and these feelings have caused you to avoid sex altogether. You have tried to handle this issue on your own and you are motivated to heal your sexual issues. However, you are just not sure where to turn or where to go.

My Background and Approach

I am an LPC I have over 7 years of experience working in sexual and reproductive health. I am an LGBTQIA+ affirming therapist and my practice centers the voices of BIPOC individuals both queer and straight. I am kink/poly affirming and knowledgeable as well. So, you won't have to worry if you will spend the whole session trying to educate your therapist or hold back because you worry that your therapist may be judging you. Although my specialty is sex, I am a holistic sex therapist. That means that I work with many other issues such as trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship issues because believe it or not all of these issues impact how we show up sexually.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

As a Black woman I know how hard and exhausting it is to code switch. Therapy is the one place where you, should be able to show up as your authentic full self. This what I as your therapist expect from you, my client. To show up as your full authentic self and be ready to work toward whatever you feel you need to work on that is holding you back. I believe in holding space for every one of my clients. I believe that your voice is important. My practice is a safe place for BIPOC, trans and LGBTQIA+ individuals. As well as anyone who needs a place that is affirming to work through their issues.

At A Glance

  • Experience: 5 years of practice
  • Rate: $175 - 185/session


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6500 E. Mockingbird LN
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