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Deep down inside you know there's something more but you can't quite put your finger on it.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington

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About My Clients

You're pretty much a survival-mode expert. You take pride in your stellar ability to show up and take care of the shitty parts of life. You've managed and masked well until now. Suddenly your quirks have become magnified, and the shame and blame intensified, you can't hold it together much longer. Time’s passed and your ability to cope has too - only secretly.  You’ve got no one left to talk to because you’ve convinced everyone you’re “fine”.  You're lost, stuck, sad, and lonely.

My Background and Approach

You’ve been fumbling towards freedom for far too long, trapped on the metaphoric edge with no map, no compass, and no freaking idea how to create the life you truly want. The most helpless feeling you face is trying to change and getting nowhere. Every unfinished project, pile of clutter, and missed appointment feels like further evidence that you're not enough. It's becoming difficult to imagine that you deserve any different than where you've landed. You're restless, anxious, quick to tear up, and so damn exhausted. You're tired of struggling just to "keep it together". And yet it feels close to impossible to think of taking action in the midst of all this unknown. This just may be the sign you've been waiting for....

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

There is a different way. Let's be real, therapy is expensive and time-consuming. That being said, you're realizing it's costing more to not invest in yourself and that you can't afford to not pass up this opportunity to get some support. Using mindfulness, imagination, and intuition, paired with body-based and process-oriented frameworks, we'll work together to envision a new reality for you; one that includes you getting to know your suffering and heartbreak so that you can trust yourself again and experience happiness like never before. Together we work on restoring your sense of deep self-trust, authentic alignment, and unbridled creativity. Head over to my website to book your free 20-minute consultation.

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  • Buddhism

At A Glance

  • Experience: 14 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $225 - 275/session

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