Robin Schelling

Accepting Clients

I am an Integrative counselor who is passionate about using my life experiences and academic training to help clients live their best life.

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in Sugarland, TX
Supervised by Stamatis Bogdanos, LPC-S

About My Clients

Do you feel you are stuck? Struggling to find enjoyment in life, work, and love? Do you feel disconnected with your partner, or lack energy and desire to seek and maintain a relationship? Do you find yourself feeling negative, angry, or sad? Are you hiding your true self out of fear of what others will think? Do you find yourself turning to alcohol or drugs to calm your brain down? Are you entering the stage of life where the kids are leaving, or dealing with aging parents? I can help you!

My Background and Approach

My personal journey has been far from conventional. In my youth, I was a rebellious and determined individual, often charting my own path despite challenges. It was through a series of difficult lessons and traumatic experiences that I confronted the reality of my situation and recognized the need for change. This realization prompted me to venture into the field of healthcare. I embarked on a journey as a certified nurse's assistant, gaining invaluable experience in diverse settings such as emergency medicine, psychiatric care, in-home eldercare, and surgical services. The turning point arrived at the age of 21 when I tragically lost my mother, a fellow nurse. This event led me to seek new directions, propelling me into roles such as a port of entry agent and office manager. Eventually, I discovered my true passion in the realm of occupational safety and health and counseling. My counseling approach is centered around meeting clients where they are!

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I believe all humans are unique and deserve an opportunity to discover who they are as a person, partner, friend, and client. We all possess the internal power of resilience but sometimes we forget how to channel that. We feel obligated to pleasing others and forget to take care of ourselves. We get caught up in the busy routines, societal and social expectations where we feel disconnected from ourselves. We feel isolated and alone in our struggles. I believe there are so many people who suffer in silence afraid they’ll never find someone who understands them. I believe people make mistakes. People make bad choices, people find themselves in tough situations but those situations shouldn’t make us feel they define who we are as people. I have known people from all walks of life. I provide a judgement free, safe environment for my clients.

I offer online counseling in the following states:

At A Glance

  • Experience: 1 year of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $60 - 180/session


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