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Licensed Psychologist

Relationships and community are at the core of what I believe matters in therapy and life. Goto for the full story!

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About My Clients

Each of us is immersed in a messy web of overlapping relationships that are are often the source of our deepest meaning and our ongoing suffering. It is my belief that it is inevitable that relational concerns will emerge in the course of therapy. I'm a believer that trauma underlies much of our mental health and I offer space to process together the many ways people have adapted to survive, which starts by building an authentic relationship grounded in safety, trust, and compassion.

My Background and Approach

I was initially trained as a generalist, which I believe has prepared me to work with a wide variety of presenting concerns. I find that every person who I work with comes with their own rich context full of complex experiences, identities, and a unique relationship with their mental health. It is my job to meet you right where you are with curiosity, respect, and humility. Trauma is an emotional wrecking ball that demands that we adapt to protect ourselves. Unfortunately, this often requires that we constrict ourselves by trading our peace, trust, and secureness for safety and survival. Exploring trauma is vulnerable as hell! It courageously begins in our relationships, in our bodies, and in the narrative we are able to create. When I am not a therapist, you can find me with my partner, friends, and dog Sisu. I love humor and flirting with the line between deeply meaningful conversation and the deeply sarcastic bullshit. Through PsyPact I am able to work virtually across 30+ states

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

As a straight, white, cis gender man who experiences the many privileges of living in a society built around white body supremacy, it is my responsibility to advocate for people holding historically marginalized identities and to take an actively anti-racist stance. This is a life-long commitment towards cultural humility, self-reflection, social action, and the direct confrontation of ongoing injustices both within and outside of the workplace. I am committed to creating accessible and affirming therapeutic spaces for people who hold historically marginalized identities. I am equally committed to the continued examination of the intersections of trauma, mental health, and systems of oppression. The task of decolonizing mental healthcare requires a daily vigilance to hold myself, my communities, and the larger systems accountable. For those with shared privilege, I offer a space to build awareness and action, with the goal of fostering accountability over shame.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 8 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $100 - 150/session

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