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As a therapist, I bring warmth, humor, and body-focused approaches to help clients heal and find trust in their own stories.

Therapist in Austin, TX
Supervised by Dr. Arlene Montgomery, Phd, LCSW-S

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About My Clients

I understand the pain trauma bringsā€”it seeps into relationships, self-esteem, and your very essence. You find yourself grappling with anxiety, depression, trust issues, body pain, or a persistent sense of not being "enough." You might replay distressing memories, battling intrusive thoughts that hijack your peace of mind. Perhaps you've put up barriers to protect yourself, but they also hinder your ability to connect with others and experience authentic happiness. I'm here to help.

My Background and Approach

My approach to therapy is rooted in authenticity, humor, and empathy. I believe in showing up as myself, sharing my lived experiences, and deeply honoring the trust that clients place in me. In my practice, I use a somatic or body-based approach to therapy. I encourage clients to not only express their thoughts and emotions but also to tune into what their bodies are saying. By paying attention to physical sensations and impulses, we can better understand our instincts for self-preservation and connection, even when they may no longer serve us. I collaborate closely with my clients. It's a partnership built on trust and authenticity. Together we co-create a space for you to experiment and explore new ways of being. Together, we explore questions like what kind of breathing grounds you in moments of anxiety or what postures can energize you when you're feeling down and stuck. We explore beliefs about yourself that may no longer suit you, and replace those with fresh, hopeful ones.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I owe my survival to my queer and disabled communities- each have taught me what it means to live joyously in our defiance. I see trauma healing as one of the most powerful tools we can bring to this world to shift structures of power and end cycles of violence. I am passionate about bringing healing into places and to people who are deemed less deserving by society- I have worked with incarcerated folks, returning citizens, rural folks. Each and every person is deserving of healing- that includes you. Many forces in our culture encourage us to heal in isolation- but I know the real magic is rooted in connection to eachother. We have been convinced to heal alone, but it doesn't have to be that way. You deserve to become the most extraordinary version of you. In our work together, each step we take is one towards liberation, self-acceptance, and a life filled with joy, resilience, and authenticity. I'm here to help you slow down, feel, heal, and thrive- one step at a time.

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  • Experience: 1 year of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $135/session


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