Catherine Bitney (She/Her/They/Them)

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Culturally competent, feminist, multiracial, queer, and non-binary psychologist with extensive training in psychotherapy. Out-of-Network.

Clinical Psychologist in Littleton, CO


About My Clients

I have a passion for helping clients reduce anxiety, stress, confusion, sadness, and pain - so that they can live more fulfilling, authentic, and happy lives. Many of my clients have stated that coming to therapy has helped to catapult them out of their stagnation - enabling them to reach their full potential. For clients who have had difficulty finding a therapist who can understand their complex and intersecting identities, I can be a breath of fresh air. I work with folks ages 15 and up.

My Background and Approach

Therapy is a safe place to explore challenges in our lives and find strengths that we never knew we had. It has the potential to lift us out of our rut so that we can finally make the changes that we've longed for. Whether you are working to decrease your anxiety, improve your self-esteem, unmasking and living authentically, learning about your neurodivergence, changing careers, exploring your gender or sexual identity, working on anti-racism, or trying to change your relationships, therapy can be a great place to get a fresh perspective and face these challenges with support. I am registered with PsyPact and can provide teletherapy to individuals who live in 39 states, including Texas and Colorado. See for more info.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

I was trained as a clinical psychologist in New York City and utilize psychodynamic, multicultural, feminist, and humanistic lenses to understand my clients and their life circumstances. I am able to provide short-term solution focused therapy, often utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), as well as long-term psychotherapy for those more complex difficulties. As a queer, multiracial, and non-binary professional, I try to use my privilege as a university professor to help my marginalized students feel more welcomed and accepted in an academic environment. I enjoy working with individuals to help them explore their biases, White guilt, and racial blind spots. Similarly, I enjoy helping my clients explore how gender expectations in our culture might influence their feelings of self-worth and belonging. Our intersecting identities are fascinating and very complex. Therapy is a great place to learn more about these intersections.

I offer online counseling in the following states:

At A Glance

  • Experience: 15 years of practice
  • Rate: $200 - 200/session


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