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Warm and collaborative therapist, integrating somatic and relational approaches for trauma and attachment.

Psychologist in St. Paul, MN


About My Clients

Many of my clients have recently learned that their experiences can be described as "trauma", and that trauma is often "stored in the body." These experiences can range from major life events, to buildup of chronic stress, to difficult relationships from the past. My clients often are curious how their early life, attachment with caregivers, or past relationships have affected them. Somatic and relational therapy can help to heal traumas of all kinds that are carried in our bodies and minds.

My Background and Approach

My friendly and gentle presence honors where you are at. Clients tell me that they feel safer to be themselves since they know I will not judge. This is essential in trauma and attachment work as we are working with such raw feelings. While I am a gentle therapist, I also really value providing some direction for my clients. Together we will identify your experiences. (I use a Sensorimotor Psychotherapy approach to describing emotion, thought/belief, and nervous system experiences). We will build new and healthier patterns that help you reach your goals. Some people have difficulty understanding their emotional experiences, and I can help you identify what is there. We will develop specific coping tools where it is helpful, for anything from trauma responses to relationship difficulties. My goal is to assist you in knowing your triggers, and having powerful tools to help in those moments, so that you are able to live a free and thriving life.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

My values are centered around humanism, nonviolence, and organicity. I believe in every human's innate capacity to heal. My training enables to help my clients find their organic, inner path for change. Rather than "fixing" people, I view my role as a resourced supporter and guide as I empower clients toward healing. My belief is that we all develop patterns based on the difficult and traumatic things we have been through. Our behavior is always trying to protect us, though sometimes after we're out of the traumatic situation that same pattern may not be helpful anymore. I help folks gently get to know their patterns, whether it's perfectionism, avoidance, or overwhelm, and find newer and more adaptive patterns to reach their goals. I honor that many traumas arise from the systemic injustice and oppression that exists in society. My nonviolent approach respects my clients' experiences, whether these injustices are due to race, sexuality, gender, body type, disability, religion.

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  • Experience: 9 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $225 - 225/session


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