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Online therapy addressing anxiety, illness, trauma, pain, and grief through a relational, feminist, hypnosis-informed, ACT-based approach

Psychologist in Austin, TX

About My Clients

Individuals I work with typically want relief from: 1) Overwhelming feelings of insecurity, shame, or anger 2) Anxiety, over-analyzing, or irritability 3) Life stress related to being a high-achieving working professional or student 4) Relationship, marital, or family difficulties 5) Difficulties processing grief, loss, existential concerns, or traumatic memories 6) Women’s wellness, particularly related to peri- and post-partum mental health 7) Chronic illness, pain, or sleep disturbances.

My Background and Approach

My clinical approach is shaped by my training in several research-based therapies with careful attention to your unique needs, values, and goals. I frequently draw from mindfulness-based approaches (i.e. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindful Self-Compassion, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), relational and emotion-focused modalities (i.e., Feminist Relational Cultural Theory, Interpersonal Psychotherapy) and somatic (body-based) modalities (i.e., Clinical Hypnosis, Biopsychosocial Modeling). As a culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, and LGBTQIAP+ affirming therapist, I am committed to life-long personal and professional learning and to developing an individualized treatment plan that is most effective for you. My goal is to provide a safe space for you to: 1) better understand yourself and your goals, 2) determine what is working for you and what may not be, and 3) for you to feel emboldened to approach life in new and meaningful ways.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

My passion lies in developing a holistic, evidence-based, culturally sensitive, mind-body approach to wellness. My therapeutic style is warm, direct, and relational; therefore, you can expect me to bring authenticity, collaboration, acceptance, and humor to my sessions. I aim for therapy to be a safe space where you learn and explore how to be: 1) More accepting of yourself, your thoughts, and your emotions 2) Work through self-criticism, perfectionism, and shame 3) Identify values and move towards a meaningful life 4) Shift automatic reactions into mindful and intentional choices 5) Cope with pain, illness, loss, and traumatic memories 6) And more effectively ask for what you want while, simultaneously, saying no to what you don’t want. If you think you might be interested in learning more, asking questions, or starting therapy together, feel free to schedule a phone consultation, email me, or give me a call. I look forward to talking to you!

At A Glance

  • Experience: 6 years of practice
  • Rate: $150 - 300/session

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