Dr. Bonnie Kester (she/they)

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You deserve to reclaim your voice, power, and worth.

Post-Doctoral Fellow in Denver, CO
Supervised by Mallaree Blake, PsyD, LP

About My Clients

Are you feeling a sense of shame about who you are? Are you wanting to understand how your past experiences are impacting your current struggles? Are you having curiosities about your identity or patterns in life? People often experience suffering due to the pressures and stigma placed on them from relationships and society. These experiences can often make us feel a sense of shame that keeps us stuck and disconnected in our lives. You deserve to reclaim your voice, power, and worth.

My Background and Approach

My approach to therapy honors all the unique and powerful parts of you. I enjoy witnessing and encouraging my clients to find what makes them feel empowered, to feel like themselves again, and to seek out the support needed to move them toward their goals. This means exploring past relationships and experiences to understand how they are influencing the pain and patterns you feel stuck in now. I help my clients to heal from past hurts, honor their authentic self, and live wholehearted lives that are in alignment with their values. Whether you're navigating relationship issues, questions about who you are, or low self-esteem, I want to help you thrive in life. My relational, strengths-based approach supports you in recognizing that you are already enough as you are.

My Personal Beliefs and Interests

Who you are matters and I create a space for you to feel seen. I have a deep dedication to serving the LGBTQIA+ community and firmly believe in the importance of cultural humility. I am dedicated to my personal and professional understanding and growth around topics of diversity, liberation, and intersectionality. We all experience pain and hardship to differing degrees, and the varying privileges we hold can influence how we process and heal through that pain. I am dedicated to honoring these life experiences and identities, while weaving them into the therapy process so my clients always feel seen, heard, and empowered. Our identities directly impact the ways in which see and experience the world and our sessions include conversations about how these dynamics influence the therapeutic relationship, as well as traumatic experiences and their healing process. Let me join you on your journey towards healing.

I offer online counseling in the following states:

At A Glance

  • Experience: 5 years of practice
  • Rate: $125 - 175/session


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