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Holistic therapist in San Francisco specializing in attachment trauma.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in San Francisco, CA

About My Clients

Therapy improves relationships. The individuals I work with are often tired of repeating the same patterns again and again, whether it's dating abuse, codependency, or chronic relationship conflict, anxiety, avoidance or indecision. They're ready to get to the root causes and finally make real change. Of course, all relationships start with and reflect your relationship to yourself. If you're dealing with a harsh inner critic or low self-worth, this internal relationship needs attention first.

My Background and Approach

Individuals with these struggles often have histories of childhood trauma, including emotional abuse or neglect. I take a holistic approach to treating these core traumas, offering a deep level of healing that goes beyond just intellectual understanding. I integrate attachment-focused, relational, psychodynamic therapy with mindfulness-based and parts work / IFS techniques. I work well with those who value self-reflection and personal growth, and who believe that coming to understand oneself deeply can lead to meaningful change. I have a particular interest in working with highly sensitive individuals, those in recovery and LGBTQ+ individuals.

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 8 years of practice
  • Rate: $200/session


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