Rebecca Spear (she/her)

LMFT #138292; Master's Psychology; Master's Education
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With depth therapy I guide you to explore symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, Dissociation, Anger, as powerful Messengers for positive growth.

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Pasadena, CA

About My Clients

Many of my clients find my practice after years of struggling with symptoms of depression, anxiety, having a harsh inner critic, or addictions. Unresolved trauma is often the underlying problem, when as children we learned to distance ourselves from our innate higher Self in an effort to “fit in.” I guide clients in listening to their own inner voices, reconnecting to their soul-longings and restoring a more authentically connected existence to the world around them. LGBTQI+ affirming practice.

My Approach to Helping

In our youth, each time we had an experience forcing us to conform to parental or societal models, we lost a little piece of the self that became hidden away in the unconscious, labeled as “unacceptable.” Although these behaviors helped us survive in difficult circumstances, to thrive as adults we need to restore access to the energy from the wholeness of the Self, inclusive of those parts of ourselves that we previously disowned. I am trained in the Jungian psychoanalytic tradition to help my clients reclaim their “inner gold,” the psychic treasures long-buried in Shadow material. Together, we hold curiosity in symbols that emerge, paying mindful attention to word choices, images constellating through dream or artwork, symptoms in the body, movements or postures. These clues inform our work together. My training in somatics (bodywork), Certified Brainspotting (BSP: developed out of EMDR), and Advanced Brainspotting for addictions, include brain-based methods informed by neuroscience.

Why I Became a Therapist

As a younger adult, I suffered from limiting childhood beliefs, a harsh inner critic, shame, blame, and a wish for my dreams to be realized “someday in the future”. My emotions suffered mood swings depending upon external events. Through a series of painful but awakening events, I realized that If I wanted to live “larger” in my lifetime, creating and enjoying a life on my own terms, the time was NOW! Synchronistically, when I made that decision I found Jungian Therapy. A world of relatedness opened for me as I experienced deep healing and trained to help others journeying the same path. Step-by-step the pieces fit together as I processed traumatic memories, recording and integrating my dreams, unlocking trauma stored in my body, and decoding messages from the unconscious in my artwork. Carl Jung called this process “Individuation”. Individuation is a life process, and I rise to the occasion as I train to become an IAAP-certified Jungian Analyst. Let’s get started on YOUR process!

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At A Glance

  • Experience: 7 years of practice
  • Languages: English
  • Rate: $185 - 195/session


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